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Hi, I’m Jon

A quick note on me personally—I spent 10 years as a technology reporter and editor specialising in Southeast Asia for media outlets that include TechCrunch. During that time, I got to know incredible founders, investors and generally watch this region explode as tech and the internet came to the fore. All in all, what a privilege!

A decade is a long time and, wanting a new challenge, I joined Crypto.com Capital as a venture partner in 2022 before leaving in early 2023 as the crypto market tumbled.

At TechCrunch I was priviledge to meet and interview high-profile figures including Kaifu Li

These days, I consult on a range of projects (web2 and web3) and for funds. Asia Tech Review is where I pen my thoughts on Asia tech and write my stories. Come along for the journey!

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I write about technology and startups in Asia without filter, sugarcoating or bs. I was previously an Asia tech reporter/editor for 10 years at places including TechCrunch and The Ken.